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Stacy Zant #1 International best-selling Author is a passionate speaker, recording artist, television featured performing artist/actress, founder, content creator, mentor/coach and host of The Radiant Pearl Living and The Fearless Creator Podcasts. She enjoys writing, designing, organizing life changing events and sharing amazing resources that will make a difference in the lives of others.

Her 1st book was published at the age of 17 and she has since designed custom planners, prayer journals, written award winning featured Praise and Worship songs and provide invaluable resources through her blog and collaborative partnerships that include an awarded grant for quality arts programming through her award winning non-profit organization and one of her podcasts. You can connect her on Instagram @ladystacyzant, on Facebook @StacyZantCreate and on her Podcasts-Radiant Pearl Living & The Fearless Creator.


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Jennifer Mina
How to Build An Effective Team and Establish Invaluable Relationships In Ministry or The Non-Profit Sector

Jennifer Mina Valencia is a first-generation graduate of Emory University, Class of 2017. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and International Studies. Currently, she is pursuing a Master’s in Public Management from the Johns Hopkins University. As a native of Colombia, Jennifer loves sharing her rich cultural experiences with others. Her interest in international development has led her to the work as a coordinator for the Emory Alumni Association (EAA). Though she’s supported various teams during her time at the EAA, one of her favorite experiences has been working with 20+ International Emory Networks and 39+ Regional Networks. Inspired by the work in her job and the community in her church, Jennifer recently launched her nonprofit organization, Women of Excellence International, (, an organization whose purpose is to empower girls to live their lives to their maximum potential in ministry and in their professional career. This organization has had major success in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, and Spain. Her passion for the community and the humanities led her to Georgia Humanities, where she will be working as the Assistant Director of Development.

When she has down time, Jennifer enjoys traveling around the world, photography, international cuisines, and making creative YouTube Videos.


Michael Huey 
Impactful Strategies to Increase Your Health & Wealth so You Can Create & Overcome Mediocrity

Michael is originally Originally from Lancaster Ohio. After High school he attended The Ohio State University, where he was a 4 year letterman in track and field.
He also received a 🎓 degree in nutrition, exercise science and sports management. He was recently nominated for an honorary PHD in nutrition.

Michael also received a 8 year theology degree in Christian Studies from Christian Life School of Theology and is a licensed minister. He is a master
Educator for the American Counsel of Exercise.
25+ certifications from fitness , nutrition to anti aging. Founder and CEO of HeFluence the #1 problem solving coaching company on the planet. He started his own podcast called The HeFluence Podcast with now over 125 episodes. In 2019 he received the monumental business award 🥇 at Thrive which has been voted by Forbes, Inc and Huffington post as the number one entrepreneur event of the year for the past five years. He loves to workout, Bike and golf.
He is Married to his amazing wife Lisa they live now in Groveland, Florida after spending the last 25+ years in the TampaBay area. They love God and serving others.


Dr. Nycole Lyles Benton 
A Fearless Call Powered by Passion!

Youth Pastor, CEO, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Doctor, Author,
Empowerment Coach, Radio Personality, Teacher & Fireball.

Dr. Lyles-Belton aka “Dr. NYC” is the Founder and CEO of, Greatness In You, Inc. an organization for girls and women based on the belief that all are destined for Greatness in spite of and because of their past. Her unyielding no-nonsense approach to forward living and living a life of resiliency is the result of the challenges she has overcome. These challenges include but are not limited to surviving the loss of children, a traumatic divorce and ultimately surviving a suicide attempt.

Dr. NYC has earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Special Education as well as a Masters and PhD in Leadership in Educational Administration. She is currently continuing her education by pursuing her second PhD, a PhD in Developmental Psychology.

Dr. NYC is a Youth Pastor in her home church, New Shiloh Baptist
Church located in Atlantic City and has been featured multiple times on
The Word Network, TCT, Atlanta Live and Various Television Networks, Radio Shows, Magazines, Blogs and Newspapers. Dr. NYC is a highly sought-after speaker and she empowers the masses across the world by facilitating numerous workshops, conferences and seminars as a Keynote Speaker and Event Host. Dr. NYC is also a Life Coach and a Mentor. She changes the lives of girls and women daily and is honored to do so. Most recently she developed her very own Consulting Firm for Businesses and Ministries, Consulting with Dr. NYC.

She has penned three books, “30 Days to Greatness: An Inspirational Journey to the Greatness In You”, “Losing You Is Not An Option! Get Back Up and Fight!” And “You Survived! Now What?” Currently, she is set to release her fourth book entitled, “Whips, Chains & Handcuffs: The Dangers of Self-Inflicted Pain and Self-Administered Bondage” and her fifth book, “I Forgive Me For Me!”.

Dr. NYC’s passion and desire to empower is a known calling on her life, which she honors and upholds with the utmost respect.



Tara Geraghty 

Tara has spent over 25+ years in leadership development leading a team of women across the nation. She holds a degree in theater, has a background in improvisation and is both Counselling Practitioner and REBT certified. She is the founder of Hey Girl, You Can a community of over 40,000+ women from around the world. Tara is a sought after Top 5 TEDx speaker, a TEDx Play Series Performer, the Author of Making Cancer Fun: A Parent's Guide (Amazon #1 New Release), and has been featured on MSNBC, GMA, 5280 & Reader’s Digest to name a few. She is a contributing author on Every Entrepreneur’s Guide to Running your Own Business, a contributor to Conquer Magazine: The Patient’s Voice, and can be heard on podcasts worldwide. Tara lives in NJ with her miracle kid daughter Emily Grace. You can find Tara online at and


Shamara "Star" Cox 

Convert Content to Cash: How Entrepreneurs & Coaches Can leverage Reels/TikToks to Book More Clients

Shamara “Star” Cox is a TV Producer and innovative content creator who teaches coaches and creatives how to create binge worthy content that converts to influence, income and impact. Her creativity dominates the social media space with viral videos. She leverages movie industry secrets to teach her clients how to master video marketing and social selling.

Growing up in an under-resourced community, Star was inspired early on to amplify Black Women’s Voices. She wrote and directed two short films that were recognized as an official selection in the San Francisco Black Film Festival and Brooklyn Girl Film Festival.  Through her blog, Book of Star, and ministry Whisper: Hearing God, she shares personal stories and practical techniques to grow spiritually and achieve a fulfilling life.  As a creative woman of faith, she is committed to bringing powerful content to life through visual storytelling that transforms and empowers.

To learn more about Star visit:
IG: @bookofstar_
TikTok: @bookofstar
Clubhouse: @bookofstar


Lucrezia Iapichino

Dr Lucrezia Iapichino is the founder of Blogging for New Bloggers®, Tinylovebug®, Legals for Business Owners, and host of the popular Blogging for New Bloggers® community (36K+ members). Lucrezia has worked as an international lawyer and university lecturer in different countries for over 15 years and has helped 30K+ bloggers, course creators, coaches, podcasters and other online entrepreneurs start and grow their business and protect it legally with her courses and legal templates.


Shyra Lowe 
Leverage Relationships and Coaching for Increased Marketability & Profitability

As a Spelman College Alumnae, Healthcare Executive, Ordained Minister, Successful Entrepreneur, Professional Career Coach, a Prophetic Voice in the Body of Christ, and a Motivational Speaker, Shyra Lowe has worked with individuals, organizations, and ministries to identify their potential and cultivate their purpose and passions so they can make an indelible impact on their families, their communities, and the world at large. She leads, serves, ministers, mentors, and coaches with God’s wisdom, great passion, and zeal, equipping all those who come across her path with tools for successfully becoming the best version of themselves. With more than fifteen years of corporate training, ministry service, and leadership experience, Shyra has a knack for making meaningful connections with audiences and an insatiable appetite for helping others maximize their love, serve, and growth potential. With her diverse experience, Shyra knows how to embrace various platforms, connect with diverse crowds, and provide training and coaching so that others can effectively do the same. Shyra’s down-to-earth humor, amazing complimentary nature, and her genuine love for people compels audiences to laugh, relax, and heal while they are learning. She engages groups from the moment she steps in front of them and leaves them with empowering tools and focused mindsets that they will use long after the lights have gone out on the event. Shyra is passionate about developing and building people, leaders, and successful businesses alike. She is especially inspired to help people take their careers and lives to unprecedented levels. Shyra’s honors include receiving the Award of Excellence in Leadership from The Way World Outreach Ministries for her leadership and service over the Hospitality Division leading more than 200 volunteers; graduating with high honors from The Way Leadership University with her degree in Christian Leadership; receiving her Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belts for Excellence in Lean and Quality in a corporate setting; and recent received equity in her current corporate organization for “excellence in performance and high achievement in leadership and top negotiations.” When not speaking or training, Shyra can be found creating delicious meals for her daughter, serving in ministry, playing laser tag, enjoying sushi and girly stuff with her daughter, and serving others through her immense love for volunteering.


Paul Ybarra
3 C's To Activate Your Next Level Mindset as Fearless Content Creators!

Pastor Paul is Your Next Level Mindset Coach, and he empowers Kingdom minded leaders like yourself discover your assignment & activate your purpose to do life God's way. He does this 3 ways, coaching, teaching and networking. He is also the owner, founder and CEO of Kingdom Linked Network, changing the world, one leader at a time!

He builds people, period. He loves to see them flourish in every area of their life!

I am a husband that is goofier than any other to the most beautiful wife Hollie, and have an awesome son that has recently given us a beautiful grandbaby!

I love life, God and the vision that He has given me.


Kellee Williams
Leverage Relationships and Coaching for Increased Marketability & Profitability

As a wife, mother, and Lifestyle Management Coach Kellee Williams has found passion in serving others. Intentional about using her faith as the driving force behind all that she does, it is her pleasure to teach and inspire women to learn how to gain peace in their lives, be more productive in their homes, and more profitable in business.


Dr. Lori-Renee James

Freedom from Fear and Chasing Perfectionism

Dr. Lori James has become a sought-after voice for advocacy and the rights of persons with disabilities, both physical and hidden. She is the founder of Focus on Education, Inc., which provides individualized consultation and advocacy services, workshop development and facilitation, support coaching, and publishing. Dr. James is very involved in the Alzheimer’s and related dementia community. In 2018, she established The James M. Dixon Foundation for Alzheimer’s Research and Support. The Foundation supports caregivers and persons living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias. The Foundation has supported senior facilities, individuals, organizations and much more.
Dr. Lori, as she is often called, was born in Chicago, Illinois. She attended the Academy of Our Lady High School. For undergraduate school, she attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and obtained her Master’s degree from Georgia State University. She began coursework towards a PhD at Georgia State University. However, seeking a program focused on action research, writing, and grounded theory, she completed the degree at Fielding University in Santa Barbara, California, in 2003, with an emphasis on Leadership & Change and Neuropsychology.

Dr. Lori worked for an Atlanta school district as a teacher and an administrator for 28 years. She then worked for several years as an Executive Consultant under an umbrella of the Georgia Department of Education, and with Scholastic, Inc., traveling across the United States to train and support educators. Dr. Lori also loved working with parents to ensure their children received services and support they needed in order to be successful, regardless of their special abilities. However, she is extremely enthusiastic about the work The Foundation does with the Alzheimer’s and related dementia community, supporting those in the journey as well as caregivers and family members. Developing programs, material, and experiences allows Dr. Lori to create opportunities that assist caregivers in practicing better self-care, provide a little ease in caregiving, and encourage superior care for others.

Dr. Lori is an author. She wrote her first manual on the inclusion movement in 1991, titled Inclusion: Metamorphosis or Masquerade? Wanting to help caregivers and others develop a life of self-care, relaxation and introspection, Dr. Lori’s current book is an enhanced journal titled, I’ve Got My Mind Back, Can I Go Home Now? The Journal. She is also credited with the following books: Letters to My Daughter; My Father Has Dementia, My Mother Has Denial; as well as I’ve God My Mind Back, Can I Go Home Now? The Table Book, The Resource Manual, and The Book. Dr. James has also provided leadership and authorship to textbooks written by Georgia State faculty members, as well as grant writing and proposal development.

Dr. James’ passion is in the service to others and has become the reason she rises each morning. She believes that caregiving can be better, for the caregiver and the recipient, and she believes that persons living with Alzheimer’s disease can lead a more supported and enriched life. Dr. James has designed programs and materials to help ensure that caregivers and persons living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias are well cared for and support.

Dr. Lori James is a sought-after voice for the rights of persons with disabilities. She established of Focus on Education in 2012, providing consultation and advocacy services, workshops, and coaching.
Dr. James worked for an Atlanta school district as a teacher and administrator. She was an Executive Consultant with the Georgia Department of Education and Scholastic, Inc., traveling throughout the U.S. supporting educators and administrators.
Dr. James works with parents and organizations supporting children to ensure they receive necessary services and support, regardless of ability. Her recent book is an ebook, A Parent’s Guide to Helping a Child with Disabilities.



JoDitt Williams

Blessing or Bother: Trade Comparison for Collaboration to Build Purposeful & Profitable Partnerships


JoDitt fell in love with Jesus at the age of 8 and has been has been leading Bible studies, teaching creative workshops and speaking at conferences for over 25 years. As the CEO and founder of JoDitt Designs, she is on a mission to brighten the world while helping others do the same. JoDitt recently founded Kingdom Creativepreneurs Coalition to help other purpose-driven creatives leverage purposeful partnerships to maximize their impact and income through art, writing and creativity.



Oriana Chun 

The Power of Relationships Locally and Virtually to Position You for Exponential Growth & Vision  

Oriana Chun is a Marriage confidence Coach. Her heart is to encourage and enrich the lives of the wives she meets both in person and online. She coaches wives to restore or establish confidence in themselves so that they can build peace and create harmony in their marriage and homes.

Oriana knows that if we can create strong homes we can build strong communities. Oriana experienced the trials of divorce and challenges navigating as a single parent of four children. Five years after her divorce she remarried and began a new journey as a blended family of seven later becoming nine children. This offered more insight on the various components of marriage, life as a wife and identity crisis. Oriana found more and more communities of women who were grateful for their husbands but still wondered where the missing link was, where was the joy and hope that was so present in the beginning. Oriana's mission now is to help these women know that the Joy and value they seek is well within arms reach.



Heidi Cook

The Tools for the Task at Hand

Heidi Cook is a developmental editor who thrives on teaching and guiding others to shine in their chosen genres. Her writing, coaching, and editing career grew alongside each stage of her life. Heidi spent ten years as a registered nurse where she developed teaching strategies and educational programs both for patients and colleagues. During her 22 years as a homeschool mom, she taught several groups of teens how to write, revise, and deliver award-winning speeches by incorporating elements of compelling story. Authors seek Heidi’s skills because she catches the vision of their message and motivates with honesty and kindness to help them build their ideas to the best they can be.



Angela Heath

Impactful Ways To Build Your Business With A Book

Angela Heath is an award-winning keynote speaker, trainer and five-time author. After twenty years of running a successful consulting practice, Angela nearly lost it all when she joined her son’s three-and-a-half-year battle with leukemia. She was forced to close one company and began building another one with very few resources and no clue about working online. But God! She used the same strategy to start the second business that had built her first business -- an income-producing book. Today, Angela speaks globally and as the President of TKC Incorporated. She guides subject matter experts, solopreneurs and small business owners to SHINE in the marketplace by quickly producing books and commanding stages.


Mim Jenkinson

Discover the Digital Products That Stand Out + Sell!

Mim Jenkinson is a digital product creator, online business coach, creator of the Paper Planner Club app and host of the Planner Podcast. Mim also hosts "Create + Co-Work Club": an accountability club for online business owners and creators who need help prioritizing their time, committing to action and creating the habits for consistent progress month after month. If you're ready to finally to get results (and get creative!) with your online business, Mim is your person.


April Nicole Scipio

Increase Your Productivity and Dismiss Procrastination as You Show Up Intentionally on Social Media

April Nicole Scipio is The More Coach. As a productivity expert and chief media officer, she helps Kingdom business owners master time, leverage their media, and take massive action so they can produce MORE.


Denzel Rodriguez

Master Your Finances As A Content Creator

Denzel is a 26-year-old entrepreneur born and raised in Queens, New York by a single mother. From a young age, he felt compelled to learn about finances. His first client was his mom and now he is The Finance Geek. He specializes in helping moms become debt-free, increase cash flow, build credit, and establish Kingdoms that will last forever. Denzel is helping thousands of families across the United States master their finances by using Velocity Banking, Infinite Banking, and Kingdom Authority in their household. Denzel is an honorable, passionate, and powerful man who credits all his success and wisdom to God. He spends most of his time teaching financial concepts on his YouTube Channel, which has over 3.5 million views and 44k+ subscribers. Denzel wants to expand and grow the Kingdom Of God by helping mothers master their finances so they can build the ministry and raise a new generation that values women and their position in authority.


Danielle K. Grant 

The Value of Pushing Forward and Pursuing Your Purpose in all areas of your life

Danielle is a native of the tropical island of Jamaica. At the age of 16, she immigrated to Boston Massachusetts, in the United States. She is married to Conroy, the love of her life, her partner in ministry and her flight companion to glory. Together they have four (4) beautiful children Hannah, Micah, Abigail-Rose and Elizabeth. She currently serves as a minister with the Pentecostals of Boston (POB). Also she was selected to be the President of the Parent Teacher Association (PTO) for the Wilkins Elementary School in Stoughton Her story was not an unqualified success. 

She penned and published her first book, Trajectory: A Journey to Transformation, One Week Devotional to outstanding reviews. In addition, Danielle has also written On the Journey which is a sequel to Trajectory: A Journey to Transformation. It is an autobiographical account of the journey God has taken her on during some of the fork in the road moments. There are so many invaluable lessons to glean from that will aid you on your journey as well. Danielle’s writings have also been featured in Rhema Magazine, a local Boston Christian magazine three consecutive times. She has written many plays and one was featured at the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Ladies Conference of the United Pentecostal Church International (UPCI); titled “The Interview: Women of the Bible”. That play garnered riveting reviews and lives were transformed as a result. She also wrote “Unveiled” for Daughters Connect Annual Conference, that reduced men in the audience to tears. She has ministered at Twelfth Baptist’s Women’s Conference, Haitian Pentecostal Church and is a regular speaker on the Endurance prayer line.

Danielle is the founder of ThatsAll Devotionals streamed through , Facebook and YouTube daily.This platform has given her growing audience an innovative way to engage both practically and spiritually with Almighty God. She believes practicality leads to spirituality. Secularly, Danielle chose a career in education. She holds an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education and is employed by Boston Public Schools. She has served children, adolescents, and young adults with multiple disabilities for since 2010. She also has experience working with hearing and visually impaired children and those with autism. Her greatest passion remains to see souls saved and fellow saints become fully operational in their gifts and ministries. Hence, she leads seminars on altar-work and Spiritual Gifts development. She is empathic and personable, always willing, and ready to engage in constructive conversation with anyone needing a listening ear, a caring presence, and words of wisdom. However, her newest addition to her literary work is her children’s book My Hair Story: An Inspirational Children’s Picture Book That Empowers Black Girls to Love and Embrace Their Unique Beauty. This story takes you on a journey with five-year-old Abigail, who is learning daily to embrace her short, curly head of hair as she nourishes and strengthens her self-confidence, self-acceptance and self-love. Danielle enjoys reading , writing , helping others spending time with family, sitting in the quiet whenever possible and whipping up some Jamaican cuisine.


Jacy Pulford

The Power of Consistency & Breaking Imposter Syndrome

Jacy Pulford is a faith-based author and creative from the Northeast, helping the modern Christian girl thrive and grow through inspiring and educational resources.


Dr. Jason Baca

3 Steps to Instantly Getting More Clients

Professional Online Marketing Coach - TEDx Speaker - Married Father of 4 - Loves Jesus and helping Christian Coaches get more clients, make more money, and scale their businesses online.


Christie Daugherty

Hand Lettering Scriptures-For The Right Frame Of Mind as A Fearless Creator

Christie is a Christian creative who has a passion for connecting women through creativity and faith. She has a story of anxiety and how it led her to inspire others by teaching hand lettering with Bible verses. Now I do a segment on FB every week called Devos & Doodles, it’s a short devotion and lettering instruction.


Premadonna Braddick 

The Power of Consistent Programming to Empower Others to Rewrite Their Stories

Helping others renew their minds and adjust their thinking are two of several ways this passionate woman encourages others to persevere, no matter the difficulties. Leading by example, her goal is to empower teens and women to enjoy a vibrant and fulfilling life. Her motto that drives her is, “When you have a setback, don’t take a step back because God is already preparing your come back!!”


Tracie Fobes 

Scaling Your Profits With Low-priced Offers 

Tracie Started her first site in January 2009 to help families learn how to budget, get out of debt, and live a frugal lifestyle. She grew that site and, in October 2019, sold it for six figures!! She now coaches and guides people to learn how they can not only start a blog but how it can turn into a profitable business.


Dan Morris

Reach Your Target Audience in Just 20 Minutes a Day (It's what I do every morning when drinking my coffee)

Dan is the CEO of Audience Industries. After having put on hundreds of 8-hour workshops around the globe, he's figured out how to make a full time income online working 4 months/year. Ten Year Full-time Professional Digital Marketer. We do two six-figure product launches per year, have run memberships, coaching programs, podcasts, published books, got national TV exposure, and run niche websites. If it's a digital marketing strategy, we've done it and have an opinion.